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About Koru Profile and Job Hunting Services
Koru Profile and Job Hunting Services provides a specialised and personable service to new arrivals in New Zealand as well as locals to assist you in finding the best suited job to you.  We analyse your skills and experience, assist in providing guidelines to where your skills will fit in best and assist in compiling a full polished marketing package to impress local Employers.  

We at Koru Profile Marketing Service are well experienced in how to best present you to a potential employer and we would love to help!
The Team:
Our team members are a combination of local, born and bred Kiwi's, and other team members have lived in various countries and have a vast firsthand knowledge of different cultures - we offer you the best of BOTH worlds! 

We believe that this will greatly assist you when working with us as we have a solid understanding of people from diverse international cultures but also very good LOCAL New Zealand candidate and employer knowledge. 

Our consultants have varied backgrounds including Recruitment, IT, Developers, Trades, Manufacturing, Digital Media and Web Design. Having been exposed to various industries, we have very good insights as to where different skills might fit into the New Zealand market.
"Warm and friendly - obviously professional. Great job."

"Extremely professional and efficient. The information imparted to me was valuable and informative. I am confident that they are the right team to assist me in finding a suitable position." 

"I am happy that my CV is an accurate reflection of my skill and expertise. I am completely satisfied and am impressed by the efficiency and virtually immediate response. I will most definitely refer anyone who wishes to immigrate to NZ to your company!"

"Thank you for a fantastic chat, its was great and has given me plenty of food for thought."

"Yes I fully agree the services rendered was as agreed. The assistance you gave with the CV was a great help as was the profile marketing. Thank you once again I will stay in touch for sure. Your advice and services has show cased my experience very well. Thank you for the final CV and assistance given." 

"You guys are a breath of fresh air to new comers and I applaud you for what you do for them." 

"It was great "meeting" you via Skype and I feel extremely positive since speaking to you." 

"Thanks for the discussion and advice. I feel much more optimistic after our chat." 

"Thank you for all your input and guidance, it really helped me to think out of the box and better prepare myself."

"Many thanks for your in depth discussion regarding the best possible position that would match my job search. Many thanks for taking the time to assist me and pointing me in the right direction." 

"Thank you for the feedback. You really did a lot and I appreciate it. Thank you also for the assistance with my CV, it certainly improved a lot. I also enjoyed meeting you and working with you. Your efforts are appreciated."

"Thank you thank you for changing my life and the future of my children. Fully satisfied and eternally grateful."